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Desi Hindi Boy: Mein tumare sath shaadi nahi kar sakta. Ghar wale nahi maan rahe.

Desi Hindi Girl: Tumhare ghar mein kon kon hai.

Desi Hindi Boy: Ek biwi aur 2 kids.

Desi Hindi Boy: I can't marry you. My family members don't agree.

Desi Girl: Who's there in you family?

Desi Hindi Boy: A wife and 2 kids.

Ek ladki college mein late aayi.

Desi Girl: Good morning sir.

Hindi Professor: Tum late kiyon aayi ho?

Desi Girl: Raaste mein Ek ladka mera peecha kar raha tha.

Hindi Prof: Par tum late kiyon ho gayi?

Desi Girl: Vo ladka bohot slow chal raha tha.

A desi girl reached college late.

Desi Girl: Good morning sir.

Hindi Prof: Why are you so late?

Desi Girl: Sir, a boy was following me in the way"

Hindi Prof: But why are you late.

Girl: Sir, that boy was walking very slow.

Kid: Papa ek glass pani de do.

Dad: Apne aap le lo.

Kid: Nahi aap la ke do.

Dad: Agar dubara mere se pani manga to 2 thapad marunga.

Funny Kid: Papa, jab thapad marne aaoge to pani lete aana.

Kid: Dad give me a glass of water please.

Father: Go and get yourself.

Kid: No dad you give me.

Father: If you ask again, I'll slap you.

Funny Kid: When you come to slap me, do bring a glass of water with you.

Beta: Papa, mami aaj bohot khamosh hai.

Funny Papa: Kutch nahi beta, tumhari mami ne lipstick mangi thi, meine Fevistick de di. That's all... No chip chip, no chik chik !!


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