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Boss: Tumhe driver ki job de raha hun. Starting salary Rs.2000/-. Theek hai?

Funny driver: You are great sir! Gaddi Start karne ki salary is o.k.......but? ? Gaddi chalane ki salary kitni hai... sir jio?

* * *

Boss: I appoint you for the job of driver. You starting salary will be Rs 2000/-.

Funny Driver: That's great sir. Salary for starting the car is ok... But how much is the salary to drive the car ?w

* * *



Bania: Bhagwan, agar tum muje 100 rupe do, to 50 rupe main mandir me dunga.

Thodi dur ja k Bania ko 50 rupye mil gaye.

Funny Bania: Wah Bhagwan, itna bhi bharosa nahi, apne paise pehle hi kaat liye...

Bania: God, if you five Rs 100, I will donate Rs 50 to the temple.

After sometime, Bania finds a Rs 50 note on the road.

Funny Bania: Wah God, you had no faith in me, you took your share in advance.